24/7 Back to Base Monitoring

24/7 Back to Base Monitoring


  • Your location is overseen by our monitoring centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are lined directly to your alarm system.
  • If your alarm is activated – our trained professionals will enact – within moments – the required alarm notification procedure.
  • Our monitoring centres are effective nationwide.

An alarm without back to base monitoring is just a loud noise maker, and relies on the goodwill of passers-by or neighbours to act and possibly put themselves in harm’s way. Most people ignore them.

Staysafe’s security professionals are looking after you and your property. Whether you are home or away, our team are always on hand to assist you with any situations that may arise.

24/7 Patrols

In the event of an alarm, our monitoring centre can send out a patrol car with trained security guards to investigate the disruption to your home or premises.

Panic button

Panic buttons are ideal in the event of break-ins, dangerous circumstances, or health emergencies. The Staysafe panic button enables you to contact the police or ambulance, remotely.

Monitoring Centre

Our monitoring centres are graded – the highest grading attainable in Australia, with co-location we can offer continuity of service to our client’s other centres cannot provide.

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