You can’t control the world outside, but you can control your own home security. Your family, memories and prizes possessions are inside those four walls, and a small investment of time and money can keep them safe. And yet we stall, postpone and fool ourselves into thinking that the measures in place “should be fine”. Get security savvy and start beefing up your home security with some inexpensive measures. If your looking for more advanced options, check out our previous blog on wireless home security.


Take Advantage of the Technology

Do you remember when the deadbolt was the ultimate security measure? Well, not to discredit this humble approach, but these days a deadbolt might slow down an intruder but not stop them and certainly not capture any evidence of such a crime. As technology has advanced in every aspect of our day-to-day, fortunately, home security has also benefited with a range of home security packages with devices and gadgets for the homeowner to deploy. Security cameras, central security systems and even devices you can access from work to check on your home – it’s time to embrace these technological resources and keep your home safe.


Review Your Security Measures

Home security is not about set and forget. You should be constantly testing what you already have in place, making sure they are functioning and at the top of their game. To have your house broken into when your cameras and codes needed a new battery or system update… bad luck, but entirely possible. Set reminders in your phone to review the measures and ask your provider’s what maintenance they can extend to keep your home security in the optimal state.


Back to Basics

Technology and state of the art systems are great, but if the basics aren’t covered – then what’s the point? Home security basics would be replacing locks on windows, latches on fences and starting to close that back window the family keeps open incase someone forgets their key. If you aren’t willing to get the basic home security measures in place then forget home insurance, because a break-in of that nature won’t be covered if there is no forced entry.


Make it a Family Matter

Home security measures should not just fall in the hands of the parents. Instilling the importance of home security in your children from a young age will inform their future decisions and share the responsibility of the home and contents safety. Add the appropriate emergency phone numbers to everyone’s devices, and print those numbers and have them available around the house for if and when emergency strikes. Start educating the family on what they should do if something isn’t right and if they see evidence of a breach of security. This will empower each member of the family to act efficiently, and might even reduce their stress if anything was to happen as they have played the scenario out before.


Neighbourhood Watch

Having a great relationship with neighbours is never a bad thing, especially when the agenda of home security is on each party’s mind. Keeping new and old neighbours in the loop about suspicious activity and incidents that have happened in the area will create a network of engaged individuals who have sharp eyes when it comes to unwelcome visitors. Your neighbours don’t want you broken into just as much as they don’t want to be broken into, as their children are just on the other side of the fence and could come back for a second look at the area.

Home security doesn’t need to be a scary topic, but it does need to be a dinner table topic. Have a chat to your peers and see what measures and technologies they have in place. Most measures are relatively inexpensive, but if it keeps your family and possessions safe, that really is priceless.

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