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Target Talk – How Burglars Choose Which House to Invade

Getting robbed. It’s a nightmare to think about, for renters and homeowners alike. All your hard earned possessions, jewellery, electronics and mementos carried out a door or window and taken straight to the nearest Cash Converters. Even if you’re insured it’s a major...

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The Burglary Breakdown – How Do Home Intruders Break In?

Thieves are after a quick bounty when they break into your home and often, we assume that a burglar will take TVs and other large, expensive electronics. Contrary to popular belief, these larger items are often not the most commonly stolen items because they’re heavy...

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What is Home Automation and Why Should You Consider It?

Just a few years ago, smart devices only existed in the movies. A phone was used exclusively for making and receiving calls and sending and receiving text messages. The thoughts of having a camera, video camera, music player, weather forecasting, entertainment system...

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Is a Monitored Home Security System Right For You?

For homeowners, keeping your home protected is a top priority. It’s natural to be concerned about the welfare of your family and your valuables, many which cannot be easily replaced if they were to be taken from your home. Just the thought of someone coming into your...

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