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How to use Staysafe ADSW WEB

( a basic overview )

Click here if you are a registered bureau to enter the ADSW WEB web site.

Logging In

  • Enter your User ID:
  • Enter your password:
  • Click on “Log In” button

Accessing client details

  • Enter a Premises name or account number, you must provide a minimum of 5 characters
  • Click on “Search”
  • Highlight the desired client in the list, if there are two many in the list place more details in your search to narrow the results
  • Click on “Select” this will produce a new menu
  • Site Details
  • This gives a list of the current details held in the Monitoring Station computer

View client history

Displays the history as selected between date ranges in a grid or list format. At the bottom is an “Email” button. Pressing this button will send the history to the stored email address. You can also print the data by using print on your browser screen.


These are the basic functions of the ADSW WEB System. A help menu with up to date changes is available on the ADSW WEB site.