Thieves are after a quick bounty when they break into your home and often, we assume that a burglar will take TVs and other large, expensive electronics. Contrary to popular belief, these larger items are often not the most commonly stolen items because they’re heavy and hard to make off with quickly.

The most common home break-ins are carried out by opportunists looking to get in and out as fast and as easily as possible. Usually, the most commonly stolen items from homes are cash, wallets, jewellery, car keys, phones, cameras, and other small valuables. Most burglaries happen in about 15 minutes or less, but how is the burglar getting inside your home?

Continue reading below to learn more about how burglars break into your home and what steps you can take to prevent such incidents.


Common Entry Points for Burglars

There are many entry points into your home and any one of them can become a target for a burglar, especially if there are other factors that work to their advantage, such as a poorly lit section of your yard.


Your Front Door

The doors in your home are prime entry points for all burglars – experienced or not – so it is vital that you lock them. While you may think that a thief wouldn’t even dream of breaking in through your front door, it is actually one of the most common ways that they get into your home. Most people know how important it is to lock the front door when they leave home, but it is equally as important to lock the front door when you are in another area of the house or even out in the backyard.

Of course, even if you take all necessary precautions and lock your doors at all times, burglars will still find a way into your home if they really want to. You may want to consider a security system or alarms for the doors for added security.


Your Garage Door

Your garage door is a common entry point for burglars, especially those that are left unlocked or are capable of being opened manually. Simple rolling garage doors when unlocked are easy to pull up and down and make relatively little noise when doing so. The door only needs to be a couple of inches off of the ground for the burglar to slip in and out.

It’s a good idea to make a habit of keeping your garage door closed and locked at all times, even when you’re at home. Many burglaries occur because homeowners leave the garage door open while they are in the house. It only takes seconds for an intruder to get in and steal a bike or two before you even realise.


Your Windows

Your windows are a prime target for intruders. Not only can the glass be broken easily, but many homeowners often forget to lock their windows, or absent-mindedly leave one open when they head out.

If your home has newer windows installed, you are a bit more protected than homes that have old jalousie windows that require you to crank them open, as these windows can easily be dismantled and opened from the outside.

To better protect yourself and your home, you should install security screens or even alarms on your windows, as this will ward off would be intruders.


Get Your Home Protected Quickly

The thought of a home intruder is scary and creates a feeling of insecurity, violation and unease. If you think your home is vulnerable to an intruder, it’s time reevaluate and look at the most common entry points and secure them. To add an extra layer of security to your home, you may want to add screens to windows, add a gate to the front of your property, or even install security lights around the house or in the yard.

If you still feel uneasy you should think about a security system to provide you with added peace of mind. Many security systems allow you to view your home remotely and even set off the alarm should you suspect that there’s a problem.