A Break-in is the last thing you want to account for when it comes to the dynamics of your business. Therefore, the implementation of security features in your building is a wise investment. While a multitude of security methods to consider can be confusing, here is an effective guide to keeping your business protected against break-ins.



Installing motion or thermal-activated lights in the areas surrounding your building is an effective method of preventing break-ins. Make sure to illuminate shadowed parts and key access points whilst ensuring the use of floodlights as they can effectively light up wide spaces. It is also wise to leave on several lights in your building in case a burglar does make it inside so you can get a clear view of them with your surveillance cameras.


Security Officers

Employing security officers to monitor your building is another method of protecting your business from a break-in. For one, even the sight of a security officer can deter a burglar from even considering to break in. An investment into the protection of your business through security officers is a smart one and will definitely make a return through preventing theft, damage, and violation.


Security Systems

Home security systems have become increasingly popular among home residents and businesses and there’s a good reason why. First-rate security systems offer great bang for your buck and can include features such as activated lights, surveillance cameras, face/finger recognition locks and extra smart features. The sight of home security system features can scare potential burglars with studies showing houses not equipped with security systems are x3 more likely to be robbed. Ensure to install features that can also be clearly viewed by anyone around your building making it obvious to burglars that the building is impenetrable.


Getting a security check

Contacting the local law enforcement and getting them to inspect your building highlighting any vulnerable areas for break-ins is another method for protecting your business, plus this process is usually free. These officers commonly have a lot of experience dealing with break-ins and their expertise on how you can protect your business is valuable.



Installing an alarm is a practical solution to protecting your business against break-ins. A simple startling loud noise can stress burglars and cause them to re-think their intentions plus this method is cost effective too. Don’t forget to make sure your monitored home security company has a fast time response time whether you want the police notified of an alarm event, additionally ensure you do not give any information about the alarm company as it can be used to bypass your system.



It is found most burglars break in through a window or door, therefore, providing a first-line deterrent such as sturdy locks is a solid step towards protecting your business. Do not cut costs with your locks, it is smart to install strong locks based on reviews and a locksmiths recommendation, which may reach deep into your pockets. This addition is a good investment into the protection of your business and provides great a front-line protection, furthermore try to display your door and window locks so they can be easily viewed and provide an additional visual deterrent.

In conclusion, it is clear there are many effective methods for protecting your business from break-ins. Employing as many of these techniques as possible with quality materials is practical, being frugal with your protection features can make the whole process pointless, therefore make sure you do it correctly! Visit Stay Safe today and see what they can do to protect your business!