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Commercial and retail security systems

Access a wide range of business security solutions that such as alarm monitoring, CCTV video surveillance and mobile patrols and remote visual capabilities. We also offer access control, so in the event that there is a late night problem on your premises, our patrol crew is sent immediately to remedy the situation, even if it’s a false alarm.

As every business is different, it’s important that your security plan meets your specific commercial needs. Staysafe offers tailored security design and installation.

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There are numerous options available for business security, and because Staysafe is Australia’s most trusted commercial monitoring partner for over 35 years we’ve become really good at it. Please call to discuss where you believe your business has the potential for a security breach, and we will gladly give you our expert advise and obligation free quote.

Alarm Monitoring

Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our alarm monitoring centre responds immediately and enacts the required alarm notification procedure. With comprehensive and consistent back to base monitoring, whether you are home or away, our team are always on hand to assist you with any situations that may arise.

Alarm Responses

Property damage and late night theft are risks faced by all businesses owners every day, having 24/7 back to base monitoring and access to a response unit is essential.

If the security is breached, or even if it’s a false alarm, our patrol services will investigate the situation immediately and call to notify you. For insurance purposes it’s best to leave patrolling to trained professionals and not put yourself or staff at risk of danger.

Mobile Patrols

Equipped with the latest technology and around-the-clock support, our mobile patrol service are the visible, physical deterrent that will ensure your business or home is kept safe. Catering to you, our mobile patrol service can be accessed to meet your specific needs.

CCTV Video Surveillance

How often do you hear a car alarm or siren and think nothing of it? We have become desensitized to signs of danger. No longer can we rely on neighbours or passers-by to call the police if they see or hear something suspicious. For this reason, CCTV has skyrocketed in popularity as a security system. CCTV will enable your home or business to obtain high quality pictures of any person who causes damage to your property.

You can keep an eye on workers, children or pets at your business or home, improving general security and safety.

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