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Each security alarm is installed and programmed according to your requirements. Generally speaking, the activities received within the Monitoring Station are:

  • Once weekly (minimum recommended) self generated test reports from your Control Panel.
  • Intruder alarm activations.
  • System alarm activations (i.e., power failures, battery failures, programme changes, code attempts, communication failures etc).
  • Bypass or Trouble events on detectors failing to seal upon your departure.
  • Optional Open/Close events (suitable for commercial sites) or alternatively Disarm Cancel (suitable for residential sites).

Additional Services

Commercial businesses with regular hours have an option of our Monitoring Station staff supervising the times your staff come and go from your place of business.

This ensures that your alarm system is switched on by your nominated time or any entries outside these times are challenged with the person on site.

Scheduled Reports are a documentation of all activities received from your alarm and any action taken by our Monitoring Station staff.

‘Scheduled (or Activity) Reports’ can be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis. This allows for management to review alarm activity via e-mail.

Prices for these additional services are available upon application.

Connecting your Existing Alarm

If you have an existing alarm system, please check with your installer to ensure you have an inbuilt ‘high speed dialler.’ This will enable your installer to programme your existing alarm with a connection to the Monitoring Station.

Your installer may also recommend an upgrade of your existing system to enable further devices to be added or additional activities to report through to the Monitoring Station.

Once you are connected, your Installer will obtain your details and ‘Commission’ them with the Monitoring Station staff. These details will include your Name, Address, Contact Numbers, Zone Descriptions and your requested response details.

Each Client can have the instructions on the monitoring of their alarm personally tailored according to their requirements.

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