Specialists in Electronic Monitoring


What does a monitored alarm system consist of?

  • A Control Panel. This is usually located in a cupboard or roof space. It houses the circuitry boards, cables, communication devices, hard-wired mains power and inbuilt battery. It is usually locked and not intended for accessing unless by a qualified alarm installer.
  • A Keypad. This allows the user of the alarm to turn their system on and off on along with being able to isolate devices. Most keypads give a visual overview of the alarms current status. Several different codes can be programmed allowing for personalised control of the alarm.
  • A Movement Sensor. These are located in entry areas or high risk areas of your home or business. Should the detector ‘see’ movement passing it sends a signal to the Control Panel identifying how often it has been activated along with its location within your home or business.

What additional devices can I have installed?

  • A Glass Break Detector. These sensors ‘listen’ for the sound of breaking glass in its surrounding area.
  • A Reed Switch. These consist of a two-part magnetic device. They are used to ensure your doors and windows remain closed. Any shift in the magnet contact causes an alarm.
  • A Remote Key Fob. These are devices carried on your key-chain. They work via radio frequency and allow for the user to remotely turn their alarm off and on.
  • Hold-Up buttons. A fixed button utilised in high-risk businesses. Once pressed will send a signal to the Monitoring Station who will alert the Police immediately.

What is a wireless device?

Using wireless devices throughout your home or business allows for the installer to overcome the obstacle of drilling holes and running cables throughout different floors, brick walls, cathedral ceilings etc. These devices have a stand alone long-life battery and are signalled by the Control Panel when to commence monitoring their own environments.

Will a power failure affect my alarm system from working?

No! All alarms have an inbuilt battery that will continue to supply power to your keypad and security devices. These are not designed to be relied upon repeatedly as they have a limited life span.

I have pets; can I still have a monitored alarm?

There are movement devices available on the market that allow for ‘pet immunity.’ These devices allow for your pet to move about freely, however, can still detect an intruder’s presence.

What is the cost of having an alarm installed?

This is all dependant on the size of the area you wish to protect along with how many devices you wish to have installed. Most alarm installers will visit your home or place of business to give you a free no obligation quote.