• Our one touch control panel system allows you to control your security system, lights, locks and thermostats and video view.
  • View your home from any location using a smartphone, tablet or computer via the app.
  • A user friendly app with an easy-to-use interface featuring clear icons and quality graphics.

With one touch, our control panel system allows you to quickly control your home electrical network. It’s easy to use, practical and logical. A wide range of home automation controls can be governed via our control panel series.

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Use our panel series to select lighting to suit any situation. Evoke the perfect mood with the touch of a button; your fingertips eliciting an ambient atmosphere. This app also prevents break-ins and burglars, as you can turn on the lights to signal someone is home or to ward off intruders.


With the ability to activate air conditioning or heating systems, our control panel series ensures that you stay comfortable year-round. To further build on this, a sensor can be used to respond to any deviation from your optimum temperature.


Energy conservation and sustainability it not only good for the environment, it’s great for our wallets, too. Used in conjunction with the control panel series, we offer wireless power switches that can control and measure your home’s energy use.

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