Home security systems are on the rise, and with more advanced technology being introduced into them, this rise is only set to continue. In today’s society, it is clear that home security systems have become a necessity to all homeowners, below we have outlined why.



According to a popular study conducted in the US, it was found that a crime is committed every 13 seconds, with 66% being residential break-ins. They also found that homes without security systems are 3x as likely to be burglarised than households that do. Safety within your home is paramount and the idea that a person could walk into your house, ransack your property and put you and your family into danger is a valid concern. The solution would be to employ security systems that can be easily seen by potential burglars. This includes surveillance cameras, security company signs positioned outside your home and locks that can be easily seen.


Reduced Homeowners Insurance

It is found that home security systems can help you save approximately 20% on your homeowner’s insurance, as they make you less likely to file a claim with your insurance company. Homeowners insurance doesn’t come by cheap and will vary on many factors, therefore, saving money on it can be highly valuable. In some cases, the money you save on insurance pays for the security system itself, making the whole process free. Furthermore, a security system isn’t costing you anything you’re not accustomed to and your home will still be fortified against burglaries, water damage, fires and so on.


Regulates your home

With so many security system companies competing for the target market, many will equip their systems with extra ‘smart features’ to appeal to consumers. These features have become standard in every select security system, meaning that, in addition to security features, the system will be equipped with things such as; smart thermostats that help maintain energy use, slick lighting and music features and much more all controlled from a portable micro gizmo. These additional features can introduce more convenience to your household and make living easier.


Home value

Home security systems in today’s society is a feature real estate agents will look out for to appeal to more potential buyers. This added feature in a home can inflate the overall monetary value of the home and attract more prospective customers if you were looking to sell. Spending as little as a few hundred dollars on a home security system can increase the value of your home exponentially.


As I have outlined, home security systems are definitely important and prove a great addition to any home, proving to be beneficial in other dimensions such as insurance, home value, and home regulation. Visit Stay safe today and install your home security system!