Just a few years ago, smart devices only existed in the movies. A phone was used exclusively for making and receiving calls and sending and receiving text messages. The thoughts of having a camera, video camera, music player, weather forecasting, entertainment system and all of the information known to man, installed in one small handheld device was inconceivable.

Having the ability to control your TV set, your thermostat, home alarm system and virtually every other electronic element of your home from your phone seemed too far in the future to ever by reality. Well, the future has arrived and the age of being able to control these elements of your home from your mobile device is growing in popularity with homeowners across Australia.

With home automation installed in your home, you can decide how the various electronic elements of your home behave from an app on your device. You can be anywhere in the world you can switch on and off the lights, operate appliances and control your garage door. If you’re out for the day and want to turn on the heating or air conditioning so your home is at your desired temperature when you get home, you can. Home automation even allows you to grant people access to your house from your app. There are so many uses and advantages to home automation that it really is no surprise that they are quickly becoming the norm in homes.

Continue reading below to learn more about home automation and why you should consider having it in your home.


Cost Savings

One great reason for installing home automation in your home is the cost savings. Using scheduled programming for various devices you can keep your electric bills under control and save money. If there are appliances in your home that don’t need to be running when you’re not home, schedule them to turn off when you’re not at home.

Likewise, if there are appliances and electrical functions in your home that only need to be on when you are there, you can activate them from your app before you get home, rather than leaving them on all day. For example, if you’ve been out hiking all day and are cold and tired, you can switch on the heating remotely before you get home so you have a cosy home waiting for you when you get back. Having control of your appliances can decrease your energy use and save you money.


Peace of Mind

We’ve all experienced that feeling when you drive away from your house. “Did I remember to turn the heating off?” “Did I lock the back door?” With a home automation system, you don’t have to these worries anymore as you can simply check the status of these elements of your home from your home automation app.

Having this level of control and access to this information when you’re away, gives great peace of mind. You don’t need to bother family, friends or neighbours to check on your house as you can do it yourself. Whether you’re at a friend’s house just down the road or you’re on a holiday overseas, you can check in easily to make sure everything is as it should be.


Access Control

With the ability to remotely control your garage door and unlock the front or back doors, you can control access to your home with ease. If your kids come home from school but forgot to bring a house key, they won’t be stuck sitting outside in the weather until you get home. Instead, you can simply open the door for them from wherever you are and allow them into the house.

If you have guests coming to visit and you’re stuck at work all day, you can easily let them in remotely. Maybe you’re having some work done to your home and you want to let the people doing the work into your home but you’re running late. Instead of them having to wait, or worse again come back another day, you can let them in and tell them you’ll be there soon. Controlling access to your home like this can be very useful in a multitude of situations and can make your day less stressful.


Home Automation is the Future

Having the ability to control access to your home and operate electrical functions of your home remotely from anywhere in the world gives you great peace of mind and makes your life easier. Technology surrounds us in every element of our lives and now it’s beginning to feature heavily in our homes, making our lives easier, more convenient and less stressful.

Home automation is the future and soon will be the norm in homes all over Australia, and the world. If you’re considering home automation, now is the time to take action. You’ll future-proof your home, add more functionality than you ever thought possible and save yourself money in the long run. Home automation is here to stay, don’t get left behind.