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Designed for the residential sector, Staysafe Security leverages from on over 35 years of security experience to create the most practical and functional packages for the smallest of homes to the largest building. We offer a full scope of security systems, that can cater to any situation, including (but not limited to): monitoring, CCTV, remote security, patrols, access control, false alarms, on-site surveillance, intruder detection and virtual security.


With an increase in home invasions and theft, and an increase is social apathy, a security strategy has never been more relevant. Staysafe packages or tailored systems ensure your safety is a priority and completely affordable. Contact the friendly security professionals at Staysafe for a free quote today. It’s better to be Staysafe than sorry.

Home Automation

Forgot the lights on? Need to switch the heating on before you arrive home? Enjoy the freedom of operating your home electrical networks remotely from your mobile device. From lighting, to locks, to heating to garage doors – the potential is endless.


Staysafe’s security app is designed with a control panel that’s easy to use, and enables you to quickly control your home electrical network. It’s practical, logical and efficient.

Live Remote Video

The most accurate capture of activity  – Staysafe cameras can be installed inside and/or outside increasing your potential to deter and/or identify intruders. With high quality visual integrity live remote video is a must for business and larger homes. 


No more time wasted on wiring – Staysafe wireless alarm systems are installed into your home quickly, seamlessly and with no disruption. Once your environment is assessed, our consultants will help you choose the most effective combination for your home security needs.

24/7 Back to Base Monitoring

Now you can have your own response team to protect your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our monitoring centre is linked directly to your alarm system meaning our team is extremely responsive to any breach of security.

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