1818 IP Camera

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The 1818 is linked to the Home Portal Server and the Home App for mobile control. This  IP  camera  can  be  activated  to  send  video  alerts  to  the  user  and  accessed  via  different smartphones. Its 40-sec alarm videos render retrieving recorded events effortless by covering the 30-sec pre-alarm and 10-sec post-alarm periods. The user can view multiple cameras on a single screen or one at time.

The 1818 uses wired internet connectivity or works wirelessly via a Wi-Fi network, allowing the user to attach it to a desired location or move it around the premises whenever needed. The camera provides exceptional image quality by supporting 720p (1280 x 720) resolution as well as dual video streams and compression formats H.264 and MJPEG with frame rates up to 30 fps. It integrates an IR-cut filter to switch day/night mode for clear video quality and IR LEDs to enhance low light performance. Two-way audio is optional.

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  • Premium Visual Pack x 1

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