2-way Wireless LCD Keypad

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2-way Wireless LCD Keypad

This 2-way Wireless LCD Keypad is a ZigBee Remote LCD Keypad with Tag Reader. It is designed to have quick access control of the ZigBee network coordinator or system control panel.

Also by assigning User PIN Code to a Tag, users can use the Tag to gain access control of the system with a simple swipe. The Keypad can send wireless signals to and receive wireless signals from the coordinator in the ZigBee network. The LCD display will display any information the ZigBee network coordinator or system control panel sends back.

Features include:

2-Way Wireless communications

Back lighting and LCD provide power saving mode

IR sensor turns on LCD automatically on approach

Tamper protection

Low battery monitoring

Utlises 2 x 1.5V AA Lithium Batteries

2 Year Warranty

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