PIR 360 Motion Sensor

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The PIR 360 is a ceiling mount PIR motion sensor with a 360° look-down capability to eliminate blind spots in the monitored area. When mounted on a ceiling at 8.8’ to 13’ (2.7 m to 4 m) high, the PIR has a 360° look-down view that covers an area of 20’ to 26’ (6 m to 8 m) in diameter. The PIR is an ideal solution for the protection of entrances, corridors, hallways and passages, where a moving person cannot evade passing through the detector’s coverage pattern.


360° look-down capability eliminates blind spots

Up to 26’ (8m) diameter coverage pattern

Mounted on the ceiling to minimize tampering and vandalism

Discreet housing attracts minimal visual attention and protects the detector from being recognized as a security device

Ideal for the protection of doorways, corridors, hallways and passages

Suitable also for the monitoring of entrances to larger spaces such as offices, lobbies, galleries or retail stores

Microprocessor controlled with advanced Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) algorithms for false alarm immunity

Two selectable sensitivity levels

Temperature compensated sensitivity control

Twist-off cover for easy installation

Low battery detection

Automatic power saving mechanism

Superior white light and noise rejection

Randomized supervision signals ensure system integrity

Protected against tampering and sabotage

Locally and remotely controllable walk-test LED also serves as a fault indicator

Compliant with CE and FCC requirements

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