Professional Wireless PIR

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Wireless PIR

The Wireless PIR is designed to pick up movements within an assigned area and signal the Control Panel to activate an alarm if an intruder crosses its path of detection.

The PIR consists of a two-part design made up of a cover and a base. The cover contains all the electronics and optics and the base provides a means of fixing. The base has knockouts to allow mounting on either a flat surface or in a corner situation.

The PIR has a tamper switch which will be activated when the cover is opened. It can also alert you to signal communication problems and low battery situations.

The PIR is designed to give a typical detection range of 12 meters when mounted at 2 meters above ground.

Features include:

12 Metre coverage

Tamper protection

1 Minute Sleep Timer to conserve battery power

LED indicator for Alarm, Low Battery and Tamper activation

Two sensitivity settings

Included in:

  • Starter Pack x2

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