Getting robbed. It’s a nightmare to think about, for renters and homeowners alike. All your hard earned possessions, jewellery, electronics and mementos carried out a door or window and taken straight to the nearest Cash Converters. Even if you’re insured it’s a major headache and you feel horrible after getting robbed.

But burglars don’t target just any old houses. They are crafty, cunning and malicious individuals who have a very clear idea of the types of houses they like to target. Let’s spend a bit of time unpacking how burglars choose their targets and discuss some strategies to counteract them.


Easy Targets

Robbers love an easy target. If they have to choose between breaking a window and attracting attention or simply opening an unlocked one, which do you think they’re more likely to choose? If they have to choose between picking a lock on the front door and disabling a security system or just walking around the back to an unlocked door, the latter option will likely occur. That’s why it’s very important to ensure all your doors and windows are locked when you leave the house for the day. If possible, invest in deadlocks for your front and back door and security mesh for your windows.


Houses That Look Unoccupied

Burglars love to try their luck on homes that look unlived in. They roll the dice and guess that you are away on a work trip or a holiday. How do they tell this? There’s usually one dead giveaway – the mail and the newspaper pile up in the mailbox and on the porch. Or, all the lights are off and there’s no sound of the TV or radio at night. The best way to deal with this is to ask a friendly neighbour to collect your post and paper and to set timers for your lights and appliances to give the appearance that you’re home of an evening.


Easy to Access Yards

Criminals love to sneak in around the back, where there’s less chance of a neighbour spotting them or hearing something amiss. If your backyard is large with an easy to get to fence from a back lane or neighbouring property then your home could run the risk of becoming a target for your local nefarious sorts. Invest in a larger, harder-to-scale fence to deter the would-be felons.


Lack of Security Systems

Most housebreakers are looking for easy money and to avoid a conviction and jail time. They’re going to look for houses that have no alarm system or CCTV. If your house has either or both of these home security measures installed then they’re going to look for an easier, softer target.


Obvious Valuables on Display

We mentioned robbers wanting money, didn’t we? This means that they are going to target houses that have obvious signs of wealth, like flash cars in the drive or a large TV visible through the windows or expensive ornaments in the garden. While it is nice to show off a bit, stop and consider who might be watching – you may be drawing unwanted attention as well as your neighbour’s envy. Consider putting the wheels in a garage, closing your blinds during the day and limiting the marble statues in the garden.


Take Precautions

You can seriously limit your chances of getting robbed by following the suggestions in this blog. Make sure to always lock your doors and windows and invest in deadlocks and security mesh. If you go away ask your neighbours to collect your mail and newspapers, and set timers to give the appearance that your place is lived-in. Evaluate your backyard and consider erecting a bigger fence. Invest in a security system and don’t make an obvious show of wealth, and you should be safe.