If we look over the past decade, we can name many innovative technological advancements that have formed the society we live in today. We find these technological advances being implemented into our lives in a number of ways, with one of the most practical being home security. Technology has revolutionised our lives, whilst also showing older security measures to be obsolete and ineffective. Below, we have detailed 3 ways technology have revolutionised home security and how they can prevent your house from being robbed.



Cameras make a great technological security feature, as it has been proved that just the site of them on a property can be a massive influence on whether the home will be targeted by burglars. It is important to consider installing both indoor and outdoor cameras, as they both offer different benefits into the safety of your home. Outdoor cameras offer an immediate deterrent to thieves and can act as a visual representation of how your whole house is bolstered with security features. As for indoor cameras, they are usually smaller in size and act more as a subtle security measure that can monitor robbers if they happen to have already broken into the premises.

Most robbers will not think they are being monitored once inside, however, indoor cameras will change this and allow you to get a good look at the thief. Indoor cameras usually last for at least 4 months before needing to be recharged. Plus, they are not too expensive to install, making their addition all that more appealing.


Motion-sensor Lights

Motion-sensor lighting is a great way that you can shield your store from theft. Darkness is a robbers friend and they will use the full extent of its benefits to assist them in pulling off their heists. This makes the inclusion of light in your home of utmost importance. Motion-sensor lights take this method of security further; acting as a big deterrent to robbers because the light will only be activated by movement. Therefore, they will not be able to approach the property without being completely illuminated.

This makes their ability to break in exponentially harder and will usually be a strong deterrent for them targeting your property. Many studies have clearly displayed through their data how incorporating motion-sensor lighting into your property will highly reduce the chance of it getting robbed.


Facial / Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint or facial recognition locks offer maximum security as they cannot be picked or bumped. In addition to being virtually impossible to deceive, fingerprint and facial recognition locks can sense when a door is closed and will automatically lock within 5 seconds. Big, chunky locks have become obsolete and it is found that installing these technological locks will definitely make your house bulletproof.

It is also found that, before entering your house, thieves will evaluate your property with consideration of a number of factors. The installation of locks of these nature will act as an instant deterrent as they are virtually impossible to bypass, showing how this security measure is an effective one that should be utilised by everyone.

As you can see there are a number of technological advances that have branched out into the sphere of home security and that utilising them can effectively prevent your property from being robbed. For those that wish to take their home security systems to the next level, contact the security experts at Stay Safe today.