In recent years, there has been a shift from traditional home security to more advanced digital home security systems. This has brought security and peace of mind to homeowners in many metropolises around the world. Digital security systems have incorporated intuitive user interfaces and the intelligent or automatic operation of the system makes them a fantastically versatile option. Before choosing a home security system, it is important to choose a system that is reliable and perfectly blends with the personal lifestyle of the homeowner.

There are many reasons why digital home security systems have the edge over their traditional counterparts. Through this piece are some of the reasons why one should opt for the digital systems over the traditional security systems.


Programmable and Hence can do Logic Operations

In case the home’s security system is breached, a corrective action is initiated. These systems have sensors that can detect motion, vibration, or even unfamiliar sound around the home. If the system detects a breach in security, it triggers a local alarm. New advancements in digital home security systems involve alerting the owner of the home via text message that the security of the home has been breached.


The Capability of Detecting False Alarms

In many cases, this is a nuisance to those who have installed a traditional home security system, as false alarms can cause a great deal of stress and frustration, especially when the alarm is accidentally tripped on a regular basis. With a digital security system, this technology enables it to distinguish real alarms from those caused by malfunctioning of a system. This avoids time loss and bills that could be incurred if a scene investigation is required. Digital homes security is also able to transmit photos and videos live. So, someone in an office or overseas is able to view what’s happening at home.


The Remote Monitoring Capability

This feature in digital home security systems makes it more effective than a traditional one. For instance, a homeowner may access an online portal from overseas and look at the state of different units of the home. The internet has made this possible; it is simpler than ever to coordinate sensors and actuators remotely. A traditional system cannot be remotely monitored, meaning that the state of security of any unit can only be inspected manually. A digital security system has a user interface that may be in the form of a keypad with an LED screen or just a touchscreen. The display monitoring screen shows exactly where the security is breached and offers a specific solution for each type of security infringe.


Distributed Intelligence

It is impossible to sit down and watch every minute of the footage captured by the security systems. However, digital security systems have software programs which can monitor video feeds to pick up activities, events and certain behaviour through recognition of certain movements patterns. Alerts are generated and sent to your security support. Analog systems basically cannot equal this capability.


Security Recordings may be Stored Off-site

The information and data are stored safely for future reference. This makes it very hard to tamper. Also, the police can access the videos and photos that can assist them to apprehend a criminal faster. The legal proceedings also become easier as relying on eyewitnesses may not be much reliable as they may forget. The series of events can be unfolded stepwise without any slip-up.

Any homeowner who is keen on the security of the home should procure a digital security system. The benefits of a digital system significantly outweigh the analog alternatives. An easy to access, fast-alert and dynamic digital security system is the ultimate solution for burglary and fire accidents, giving you confidence while away or at home.