Wireless Security System

Wireless Security System


  • Alarms do not require cabling or wiring. Installation is quick and
  • Alarms are portable and can move house with you.
  • Alarms are visually subtle with long-range capability.

Whilst many of us think of installing a home security system as an arduous, invasive process, it doesn’t have to be. At Staysafe, we offer a range of wireless home security systems, allowing you all of the features provided by a traditional security system, without the setup time.

Staysafe wireless home security systems are installed into your home quickly, seamlessly and with no disruption to your routine. Our systems are subtle in appearance, with wireless capabilities making our sensors really easy to relocate. So, if you move house, your Staysafe alarms come with you. That’s why, when you invest in a Staysafe wireless security system, you’re buying a system that will last for years to come. Larger sites have access to our long-range wireless devices that extend up to two kilometres.

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